Why a nth blog on Data ?

1. More a digital garden than being an influential blogger

The main idea is really forcing me to structure all the materials on this subject by writing articles. It is not about giving opinions or going into a very high level of details (I keep that for my work).

You will more find “core” ideas or portraits of people who are the authors of these ideas.

As a natural very bad drawer, it is a good exercice for me (hope it is getting better) but I try to be “visual” when talking about concepts.

This place helps me also to share with other people.

2. What will I cover ?

I did this complicated Venn Diagram to list all the subjects around data.

This is a huge crossroad between Data (what kind of data), Business (how it can help the business), Tech (all the data technologies) and Roles (you have tons of roles in Data).

Data Tech (green)

  • Data engineering : very focus on DataOps and how you can optimise the delivery
  • ML/AI : the evolution of these subjects from a delivery point a view (MLops, AUTOML, at scale d├ęploiement)
  • Data Apps : At the end, we are building apps and what could be the killer app in the data field.

Business (blue)

  • Data governance : how to support the initiative ? DataGovOps (Data Governance as code) is my main interest in this very large topic.
  • Data Strategy : How to design it ? How does it look like ?
  • Data driven : about the cultural change and why it is the most important part

Use cases (Yellow)

  • Platform : the place where you will be able to build all these use cases
  • Way of Working : how to manage the project ? Which methodology to follow ?
  • Value : the final result of all what we are doing = creating value

It will take years to cover all these topics. Sometimes, I will just tweet about it (mostly twice a day) and I will write an article every week.

Learning never stops !

3. More about me (my Linkedin and my twitter account)