Data Strategy : where to start

1 – What are the objectives (How Data can help me to…)

2 – Define my goals vs the objectives (which KPI I want to improve)

3 – How (my strategy)

4 – Measure your data maturity (compare to your competitors)

A list of sources to read

Data Strategy by Bernard Marr :
Where the focus is on taking better business decisions, improve your business operations and monetizing your data

The role of Data Strategy in the Digital Transformation Journey
A vey good article on the most important areas to cover by your data strategy : customer experience, people, process, new value propositions and innovation

The 4 levels of analytics
Because it is key to know where you are and which level you want to reach

Gartner Data Strategy definition
Just an access to the chapters but a very detailed plan. The previous articles and the schema are more focus on the why and what.

Another gem : Do you really have a data strategy ?

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