The perfect IT/Tech Data engineering team

Build a tech data team is really finding the right balance between

– the level of technology expertise
– the interest in data and why it is a specific subject (data modeling, quality)
– the « always stay lean » to be able to deliver at scale

A Venn Diagram can illustrate this

#1 : Possibly the integration or ESB team… totally focus on the technology and following the best software engineer standards. But they really do not care about the data itself. Apples, tomatoes or cars : everything same but in real time ^^

#2 : We know data (most often BI Software) but we feel technologies (especially coding) are dirty / low subjects and contractors can take care of it. You consider yourself lean because there are not too many people in the team if you do not count the contractors…

#3 : you clearly love technologies and data and you are like a kid in a toy shop with an unlimited budget. The truth is that you don’t know to choose. Mastery means simplicity and less is the new more. Business people will start to think it is doubtful to spend so much money.

#4 : great data engineering teams are small (still very surprised by the size of very large data driven company with tons of data) and they have a mix of skills around data, efficiency and technology. It is the sweet spot and people outside will start to attract them because they have #2 or #3 teams.

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