Building a data team : summary of Jesse Anderson’s book « Data Teams – A unified management model for successful Data-Focused Team »

Jesse Anderson is widely regarded as an expert in the field and for his novel teaching practices.

« To do big data right, you need three different teams. Each team does something very specific in creating value from data.”

“If the data engineering team is missing, there isn’t anyone there to give an engineer’s viewpoint about data product creation.”

“If the data science team is missing, the organization’s ability to create analytics is severely limited.”

“If the operations team is missing, no one can depend on the data products that are created. One day the infrastructure and data products are working, and the next day they’re not.”

About how do these teams are working together : “The solution is to create high-bandwidth connections between the teams. A high-bandwidth connection means that the members of the data teams know each other. They build camaraderie and respect by seeing that each other is competent in their respective fields. »

After having these 3 teams working together, everything is then about how to interact with the business (chapter 8), how to manage projects (chapter 9), how to start the teams (chapter 10), how to measure the success (chapter 11). There will be also so strong change management with « the old guard » (chapter 12) and how you are going to fix every day all the problems encountered.

You have then some case studies and interview from different sectors to illustrate all the principles.

Conclusion : if you want to start a data team and you need some definition and illustration, this is a book to read. These 3 roles are a must and I would have added two major roles. One about data governance/management and the other one is the interface role between business and the data teams called « business translators » or « data strategist ».

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