Dataops Manifesto

Illustrated with a visual map & icons

The dataops manifesto is a list of principles (18) with the ultimate goal to “reduce analytics cycle time while improving quality”.

Dataops is not just devops for data. It is a “combination of tools and methods inspired by Agile, Devops and Lean Manufacturing.

Source : Datakitchen

Let’s illustrate these 18 principles with a visual map and icons.

And I share with you my top 3 favorite principles :

  • Value Oriented : it is hard but Analytics is undermined by not enough focus on that part. A dashboard has never saved a company. Changing the way you are taking decisions and following the KPI do.
  • Analytics is code : I know we are in this no code trend but there is no other way to be efficient without coding. ETL softwares belong to the past.
  • Quality is paramount : we are not managing servers and BI applications, we are managing the data quality.

When you see these 18 principles on this map, this is quiet a challenge to structure a Dataops team. You will need a very large mix of skills and you will have a lot of confrontations.

As we say in my company “Teams are the new heros” and “Cooperation is the new confrontation”.

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