2×2 matrix to classify your data app (reboot from a 2012 post)

It is a 2×2 matrix with on the left data usage by people in your organisation and from bottom to top, the level of analytics (just describe the situation or using intensive machine learning to do prediction or prescription)/

Control : today clearly the main usage of data in companies with reporting to control your sales, your budget, your inventory, your number of employees, etc…

Decide : we are talking about predictions to help you to anticipate the futur or even to propose you the next action to do. One good example is Dynamic Pricing where a machine will predict sales and will decide which price we should apply.

Inform : all the situation where a customer is seeking information about his order or his situation. It looks easy but it is clearly not because you need accurate and real time information.

Recommend : trying to predict what the customer wants and decide to propose him some additional products to buy for example. You need to predict and have some business rules to propose the right product.

The question is what is the % of your data application not in bottom left corner…