People in Data (my favorite for 2020) : Barr Moses

…. or a totally different approach to a very old problem.

Within my own circle, I have often this question : “why do you find Data so interesting after all these years ?” and my anwser is always “it is not about the subject, it is about the people”. This is the chance of our time (blog, youtube) to have access to so many inspiring people wihout ever meeting them physically. Thanks to them, I have had so many “aha moments” when everything becomes crystal clear and you are telling yourself “I got it”.

Barr Moses is definitely one of them. I guess when you start you CV with an experience as “Commander in Israel Air Force” with “Commanded and trained soldier platoons in elite Air Force unit” and “Analyzed intelligence data to support time and detail sensitive decisions for operative units”, it makes you someone different ! It is easy to recognize her, it looks like she never leaves her cap.

She has introduced “Data Downtime” as a major problem for data driven organization. At first, for me it was calling a data quality problem with another words. I did not get the essence of calling it that way. And then, she was talking about “Data Observability” : how to use metrics, logs and traces to tell what and why about your data pipelines. Another way to say it you cannot manage the data quality problem like before with the rise of dataops and a totally different way to build data pipelines (cloud, code, platform as a service). More over, automation is the only way to cope with the volume of data. This is a key moment where you have choose your “data quality architecture”.

After the summer 2020 holidays, she was unstoppable : data catalogs are dead, metadata is useless and data governance is broken. My favorite punchline from her is “Data is ubiquitous; data governance is not”. The move to cloud dynamic for data did not just change the way we are storing and transforming our data, it is going to change drastically the way we are managing our data.

It is hard to believe because you are still seeing all the market (software, consultants) talking about how to improve your data quality or how to build your data governance like nothing has changed. It will take years before understanding the dataops move and its impact.

She is like Morpheus in Matrix and you have now to choose between the blue or the red pill.

my very personnal summary or Barr Moses work

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